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How it works?

The most important thing is to contact me so we can discuss the specifics of your song before I start working on your project!

How to send my stems (step by step)?

-Label your track properly in order :

 01.Kick/02.Snare/03.Bass DI/04.BassAmp and so on...


-Ensure that none of your tracks are clipping, they should peak somewhere between - 10db & -7db.


-Export all of your tracks as stems (.wav) without any effects or processing like compression, dithering, multiband and etc.


-Create a zip or rar of your stems so you can send them to me via Wetransfer as a link to my Gmail or Instagram.


• If you have a rough mix or master of your song send it to me !

• I will need to know what is the Sample Depth and the Bit Rate of your tracks!

• I accept only consolidated tracks !

No DAW sessions and Mp3 formats.

How to export my MIDI Drums?

You need to export them as MIDI file including the tempo information. 

But if you want exactly the sound of your drum kit you need to export them as individual stems but keep in mind when you export the individual drum shells your Kick,Snare Top and Toms must be in MONO!! Only the overheads,room mics and snare bottom should be in STEREO!

Does every song get Vocal tuning? 

Vocal tuning is included upon request and it's not by default. This is an extra service and it's absolutely your creative decision you just need to tell me if you want me to tune your vocals.

What is Guitar and Bass reamping?

If you have a DI signal of your guitar or bass recorded I can run that signal through different amplifiers and that's the best way of achieving great guitar or bass tone if you still don't have one for your song!

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